User Activity Simulation (UAS)

Creating realistic simulation traffic and training exercises in closed environments is one of our strengths. We use a suite of open-source and customized scripts in creating multi-protocol traffic for cybersecurity training and operational events. These tools provide realism, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for our customers. With customization, we allow our customers to select the type of traffic for all their needs, simulating any size business, urban areas, and even replicating traffic density. We use a mix of virtual and physical devices and provide a self-contained emulation of the internet, including connectivity to real websites, mail servers, domains, and other sites.

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Traffic generations include but are not limited to the following features:

  • Windows-only environments, Linux-only environments, or a combination of both
  • Systems with different levels of security postures that can simulate between low security and hardened environments
  • Small, medium, and large enterprise user environments

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