Cyber Range Orchestrator

Blue Cloak's Cyber Range Orchestrator Platform provides the fundamental building blocks to create the isolated defined environments for our Cyber Ranges. It comprises three main pillars: The Cyber Range Designer, the Range Monitoring Dashboard, and the Centralized Data Analysis Platform (CDAP).

The Cyber Range Designer allows for the planning and staging of cyber capabilities testing, training, wargaming, and capture the flag (CTF) events. It creates environments to factor tactics, techniques, procedures, and more. This platform provides full control of the environment, which is repeatable and auditable.

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The Range Monitoring Dashboard allows for the monitoring of the deployed network and planned events. The real-time status of the network can display as testing events unfold. Traffic and data from the deployed network can be captured and pushed to CDAP for current and post-analysis.

CDAP enables quick and comprehensive analysis of network infrastructures configured on the Cyber Range Designer.

Product features and characteristics:

  • Built-in validation engine to prevent configuration and process-driven errors
  • Generates a random network design from scratch or from different types of templates and frameworks
  • Easily deployable network design to one or more virtual environments
  • It allows the export and import of cyber range designs between separate orchestration platforms
  • All endpoints can be created using predefined templates from our growing library of virtual and physical devices

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