Cyber Range Training

Training people within the military and private sectors to recognize cyberspace operations and respond rapidly and effectively is essential. Why? Because how they respond could have a significant impact on the result. The ever-evolving intricacy of the cyber battlefield drives a need to simulate engagements. Available for the military and private sectors, Blue Cloak presents a new simulation approach that integrates real and simulated cyberspace operations with wired and wireless virtual networks. This includes physical and virtual equipment and applications into a full, instrumented, cyber training environment. Our cyber range allows trainee performance centered on awareness, reaction time, and correct action (at all levels), along with the ability to work through a cyberspace environment and complete a mission, to be monitored and evaluated.

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Blue cloak Cyber Range can provide the following:

  • Flexible and mobile solutions on the go, to placing the cyber range anywhere in the world
  • System and user simulated traffic for any size environment
  • Isolated and secure environments that are easy to rebuild onsite
  • Freedom to experiment without the concern of damaging production environments
  • Red vs Blue testing evaluations

Team exercises are critical for building operators' capabilities, knowledge, and experience with the adversary. Blue Cloak provides a method for all cyber professionals to stay sharp with the tools and techniques they may not use daily.

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