Test & Evaluation (T&E)

The purpose of our T&E process is to enable our customers to acquire systems that work. We offer our customers and partners knowledge and experience in managing risks, measuring development progress, and characterizing operational effectiveness, operational suitability, and survivability.

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We do this by planning and executing a complete and rigorous operational test program. This program aims to characterize system capabilities across intended operational conditions and verify whether testable requirements pass or fail. Then, we will provide those findings in an objective report to the decision-makers. This enables our customers to acquire systems that work, provide partners and customers with valuable information that will help manage risk, measure development progress, and characterize operational effectiveness, operational suitability, and survivability (including cybersecurity) of the system(s) in the intended operational environment.

The activities that encompass all cybersecurity test and evaluation activities, include but are not limited to:

  • Forensic Assessment and Characterization
  • Test and Evaluation Strategy
  • Developmental Test and Evaluation
  • Operation Test and Evaluation
  • Regression Testing

We believe early and regular collaboration between T&E and partners aids the acquisition programs to avoid costly, difficult system modifications late in the acquisition lifecycle. Our system test lead and supporting event participants actively collaborate to provide architecture and design information and derived critical technical parameters. The customers can leverage this information to inform the appropriate participants, customize activities and scenarios, include what contractor data is required, and shape government test designs.

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