Independent Validation & Verification (IV&V)

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) is a crucial element in the development and integration processes and is a valuable tool for revalidating results and ensuring due diligence. It’s far more than formal testing or quality assurance - it is a rigorous, disciplined process. Blue Cloak’s approach to IV&V is independent of application development efforts yet attains operational benefits through tight integration into all life cycle phases. These include continuous process improvement initiatives within Blue Cloak’s arsenal of tools. Our approach runs parallel with the systems development life cycle. This enables early detection of anomalies and corrections with minimal changes and at the lowest possible cost.


Blue Cloak offers a proven methodology for conducting IV&V to ensure systems deliver desired results in our mobile Cyber Range. The test environment is ready to meet complex situations because the technical capabilities provide consistent, reliable, and readily available support. Blue Cloak’s highly successful process integrates key elements: testing and assessment, requirements engineering, configuration management, quality assurance, and big data metrics. The integration of these elements is the foundation of a process that monitors the system development life cycle from inception to full operation and ensures that customers’ applications are ready for deployment.

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