Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day 2019

Blue Cloak celebrated Thursday, April 25th by looking towards the future with “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day”. With 11 kids in total, it was certainly an exciting day filled with adventure, fun and a possible glimpse into what their futures may hold.

The children were greeted at the door with nametags and a drink order. They were asked to decide if they’d like to drink coffee (milk) or tea (water), which was then placed in a Styrofoam cup complete with plastic lid and stirrer. They were also introduced to the world of ID badges, as each child was given their own personal badge complete with picture. They helped decide on what the office would eat for lunch, to no surprise of anyone pizza was the overwhelming favorite, successfully adapted the conference room into a Netflix lounge, bonded over bubble blowing, reconnected with friends, designed t-shirts, created lava lamps and overall enjoyed a day of “work”. A guided tour of the office was given, stopping by each of the rooms to for a quick meet and greet followed by a brief description of what each of their jobs entailed. At the conclusion of the tour when asked what they learned, one child exclaimed, “I noticed you all have either a lot of hair or are bald!” Knowing he had us laughing, he doubled down on these findings claiming that, “I think I counted 25 bald people!” I must admit that is quite remarkable considering the company has less than 20 employees in total. After settling down from the tour the children scurried off in separate directions playing ping pong, “Pop-a-Shot” basketball, foosball and with the Virtual Reality machines.


Pizza was delivered to a room full of smiling faces at noon and the kids helped pass out slices. After lunch the children were led outside to blow bubbles in the parking lot. A little later in the afternoon they were allowed to express their creativity using colored pencils and markers to draw their very own logo which would be the basis for their custom-made t-shirts. The office manager encouraged each of the children to make their logos distinct and individual so that they would attract attention and inspire potential customers to purchase their logo. The final activity before cleaning up for the day was a homemade lava lamp. The kids certainly enjoyed seeing their own project spring to life and become something tangible that they could take home, a thoughtful metaphor to wrap up their foray into the business world.

It was a wonderful day for the children to briefly see what goes on in the office. They were cordial, polite, thankful and a joy to spend the day with. With their sights set on the stars, goals and ambitions located somewhere in the clouds, we here at Blue Cloak, LLC. were thrilled to lend an afternoon to be a friendly face in a welcoming space and can’t wait to see them all again next year!

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