Welcoming the 2024 Intern Cohort: Embarking on a Journey of Learning and Growth

The moment we've all been waiting for has arrived at Blue Cloak! We're thrilled to welcome our latest cohort of interns to our team. As they embark on this exciting journey with us, we're eager to offer them an enriching experience full of opportunities for learning, growth, and collaboration. Let's make this an unforgettable adventure together!

At Blue Cloak, we're dedicated to helping our interns develop their talents and achieve their goals. With mentorship and guidance from seasoned professionals, our interns tackle coding challenges, troubleshoot technical issues, and brainstorm innovative solutions. As they dive into projects and embrace new challenges, we're excited to see their growth. We are confident they will contribute to our team, leave a lasting impact on our company, and positively influence our community.

This year, we're delighted to offer internships across various fields, providing a broad spectrum of opportunities for four college students and two high school students to explore and grow. Moreover, we believe in understanding the unique backgrounds and aspirations of our interns. We conducted a comprehensive survey to learn more about their educational backgrounds, interests, career goals, and how they felt during their first week. By doing so, we aim to tailor their internship experiences to best support their personal and professional development, ensuring they gain valuable skills and insights for their future careers while also improving our processes for future programs.

Meet Our New Interns

Jason, a computer engineering major at the University of Virginia, is passionate about Pokémon, games, and good food. He also has played the piano for seven years. Inspired by his father's cybersecurity career, he chose to work with computers and discovered Blue Cloak through a family friend. He appreciates our small, collaborative environment and found the team incredibly supportive during his first week. He aims to complete a successful project, like implementing CALDERA into CRO or designing a custom PCB platform. If he could have any superpower, he would choose teleportation as his superpower to avoid commuting and never have to leave early again!

Kristin, a rising senior at the University of Maryland majoring in Computer Science, was inspired by video games to choose this field. She hopes to work in cybersecurity, software development, app development, and game development. She discovered Blue Cloak through Handshake and chose us for her first internship because she values the supportive, close-knit environment of a smaller company. Despite being new to cybersecurity, she is eager to learn and grow. In her first week, she felt welcomed and supported by the team. She enjoys drawing, watching anime, reading manga, listening to K-pop, and being in nature. She is also passionate about making art and building Gundam model kits. If she could have any superpower, it would be the ability to command anyone because she can ask for whatever and help others!

Sami, a recent graduate from George Mason University with a major in Information Technology, enjoys a range of hobbies that showcase his creative side. He’s been playing the drums since he was 10 and has mastered multiple instruments. He discovered our internship opportunity on LinkedIn. Despite holding a full-time IT Support position at the Department of Justice, he was drawn to Blue Cloak for its unique offering to delve deeper into cybersecurity. He applied to several places but ultimately chose Blue Cloak for its unique offering to align his career with his passion for cybersecurity. His first week with us was marked by the kindness and support of our team. If he could have any superpower, he would choose to know everything, becoming an expert in any field!

IMG 0800

Rhea, a rising senior at Rock Ridge High School and the Academies of Loudoun, focuses on CISCO and Cybersecurity. She's active in FBLA, Cyberpatriot, TSA, and is the captain of her varsity swim team. Beyond academics, she loves dancing, crocheting, and swimming. Inspired by her father's work as a network engineer, she values collaboration and problem-solving. She was drawn to Blue Cloak for its close-knit, collaborative environment where everyone's contributions are valued, and inclusivity is a priority. She appreciates being part of a community where she can openly share her ideas. During her first week, she felt very welcomed, describing the team as like a family. A memorable moment for her was sitting together at lunch and making pancakes, which she found to be a unique and enjoyable experience. If Rhea could have any superpower, she would choose shape-shifting to navigate everyday life more easily and gain deeper insights into different perspectives!

IMG 0827

Max, a rising senior at John Champe High and the Academies of Loudoun, is currently learning Java in school and exploring AI and Business. He was drawn to Blue Cloak by our comfortable and small environment, making it the only internship he applied for. If he hadn't joined us, he planned to work on AI and entrepreneurship projects at home. His passion for computers, inspired by his father, extends to building computers and coding. He hopes to develop his AI and cybersecurity skills during his internship. Interestingly, Max has a collection of around 70 graphics cards, including 6 sealed RTX 3090 FE cards, showcasing his deep interest in computer building and technology. He felt very welcomed during his first week, which is why he decided to make cookies for the team. If Max could have any superpower, he would choose not to need sleep to gain energy, believing it would increase his daily productivity by 50%!

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Omad, a recent graduate from George Mason University with a degree in IT and a concentration in cybersecurity, was inspired by his brother to pursue this field. Outside of work, He enjoys going to the gym, playing sports, and video games. He discovered Blue Cloak through Handshake and was drawn to our focus on cybersecurity. In his first week, He found the team to be warm and understanding. He hopes to gain versatility in the field by learning about various technologies, tools, configurations, and coding practices. If he could have any superpower, it would be superspeed or the ability to fly, enabling quick travel around the world!

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Let's give a warm welcome to Jason, Kristin, Sami, Rhea, Max, and Omad. We're excited to see the unique contributions they will bring to Blue Cloak and look forward to supporting them on this journey. Here's to a summer filled with innovation, learning, and success!

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