Cyber Quest 24: Enhancing Army Cyber Capabilities with Blue Cloak's Advanced Cyber Range Orchestrator

Cyber Quest 24 is an annual data-centric experiment held at Fort Eisenhower, GA, hosted by the U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence and the Army Futures Command Cyber Battle Laboratory. The event brings together soldiers from Army Cyber Command, Army Forces Command, and Army Futures Command, to assess new technologies against documented Cyberspace, Electronic Warfare (EW), Information Advantage, and Signal operational requirements.

Military planners will use Cyber Quest 24 results to inform capability development requirements for Multi-Domain Operations and preparation for the Army of 2040. At Cyber Quest 2024, Blue Cloak LLC and its Cyber Range Orchestrator (CRO) will experiment with a state-of-the-art network emulation platform for cyber exercises to enhance the capabilities of modern military operations. It offers a Common Operating Picture (COP), event tracking, and analytics. The Army needs a robust platform for testing emerging cyber capabilities. This solution modernizes the Army's cyber infrastructure by facilitating rapid design and deployment of test and training networks. Our CRO platform enables Threat Emulation and Counter Infiltration Focus Areas.

CRO Cyber Quest 2024 Blue Cloak’s CRO Enabling Capability

The Blue Cloak Cyber Range Orchestrator (CRO) is a cutting-edge network emulation platform designed for cyber exercises. It provides a comprehensive Common Operating Picture (COP), event tracking, and analytics to modernize the Army's cyber infrastructure. By enabling the rapid design and deployment of test and training networks, CRO enhances the Army's capabilities in threat emulation and counter-infiltration. The platform is an essential tool for testing emerging cyber technologies, and ensuring robust defense mechanisms. For more information, contact Blue Cloak/Test & Evaluation Team.

CRO Cyber Quest 2024 Dashboard: Army Division Network Infrastructure with Internet Grayspace, Simulating Various ISP Providers


The "CRO Cyber Quest 2024 Project Dashboard" showcases a detailed project management interface for a representative Army division network infrastructure. The dashboard includes icons for various network components like virtual machines, hypervisors, switches, firewalls, and servers. It features a map preview with physical and logical network topologies, highlighting the complexity of the simulated network, including different ISP providers and Internet Grayspace. The interface allows for easy navigation and management, reflecting the realistic and diverse aspects of modern military network infrastructures.

CRO Cyber Quest 2024 Dashboard: Emulated Army Division Network Infrastructure for Cyber Threat Emulation Executions


The CRO Cyber Quest 2024 Project Dashboard provides a detailed view of an emulated Army division network infrastructure designed to enable cyber threat emulation executions. The infrastructure includes a total of 47 virtual machines (VMs), comprising 3 firewalls, 5 routers, 2 Linux servers, 6 Linux clients, 2 Windows servers, 29 Windows clients, 3 domains, and 30 domain users. This intricate network setup facilitates realistic simulations and comprehensive testing of cyber threats, enhancing the preparedness and resilience of the Army's cyber defense mechanisms.

Cyber Quest 24 not only provides a platform for testing and evaluating cutting-edge technologies but also fosters collaboration between the military and industry leaders. The insights gained from this event will help shape the future of cyber defense, ensuring that the Army is well-equipped to handle the complexities of modern warfare.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to explore and enhance our cyber capabilities through groundbreaking events like Cyber Quest 24. The future of military operations is being shaped today, and Blue Cloak LLC is proud to be at the forefront of this transformative journey.

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