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Scanning for Bugs!

Do you ever run sweeps for bugs and hidden cameras? We do! Here’s one of our founding partners, Nhan Nguyen, running an electronic eavesdropping inspection or technical surveillance countermeasure (TSCM). Cybersecurity can be fun! | Read more >


Blue Cloak’s Second Annual Summer Foosball Tournament

Yesterday, August 15th, Blue Cloak held their second annual summer foosball tournament! While it was a friendly competition by nature, things certainly got competitive. | Read more >


A Very Vietnamese Treat!

The Blue Cloak team welcomed a special delivery today in the office, homemade pho! We enjoyed a spicy pho with assorted grilled meats, chive dumplings, vegan tom yum soup, vegan spring rolls, a sweet mango salsa and lemongrass chicken satay! | Read more >


Blue Cloak Weight Loss Wrap Up

For the third consecutive year, the hard working employees of Blue Cloak, LLC, have taken a long look in the mirror and vowed to improve their health. To achieve this goal, 7 team members participated in a 12 week weight loss challenge. | Read more >

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