Blue Cloak will be one of the sponsors at the Thomas Jefferson Capture the Flag (TJCTF) Cybersecurity Competition

Blue Cloak is proud to be one of the sponsors at the TJCTF Cybersecurity Competition hosted by TJHSST’s Computer Security Club.

This competition is an online, jeopardy-style competition targeted at high schoolers interested in Computer Science and Cybersecurity. Participants may compete on a team of up to five people, and will solve problems in categories such as Binary Exploitation, Reverse Engineering, Web Exploitation, Forensics, and Cryptography in order to gain points.

CTFs are a great way for anyone to get interested in and learn techniques relevant to many fields of Cybersecurity. Anyone that enjoys learning and solving problems is encouraged to compete. Blue Cloak supports competitions like these because they help improve security skills and identify talent of future generations. These events will help level the playing field for cybersecurity professionals, especially those that are just starting out.

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