Blue Cloak Weight Loss Wrap Up

For the third consecutive year, the hard working employees of Blue Cloak, LLC, have taken a long look in the mirror and vowed to improve their health. To achieve this goal, 7 team members participated in a 12 week weight loss challenge.

Every Wednesday upon arrival each participant would weigh in and have their results tracked. If you gained any weight from the week before you had to pay $1 and for every pound extra after that another dollar was added on. Each week we were able to declare a winner to take that week’s pot, depending on the percentage of weight loss compared to the previous week’s weigh in. It was a great way to keep everyone involved and invite some light-hearted, friendly banter between the competitors.

Of course at the end of the day it was all about self-improvement and we’re happy to announce that it was a resounding success! All 7 participants have lost a minimum of 3 pounds from the original weigh in. On average, each participant lost just under 6% body fat totaling over 71 pounds as a group! While we did declare a winner in Clara, it’s safe to say that the entire group more than conquered this “Fatty Challenge.”

No successful project goes uncelebrated here and we certainly did our fair share of celebration! To conclude and honor their accomplishments we had a potluck “breakfast” encouraging everyone to bring in their own favorite meal. There was a spread that consisted of breakfast burritos, a dozen B. Doughnuts, homemade Ecuadorian cheese empanadas, homemade chocolate chip cookies, six cheese homemade mac and cheese, homemade vegan three cheese mac and cheese, homemade macaroons, a 12 hour slow roasted pork shoulder, meat and cheese platter featuring a ghost pepper cheddar cheese and tuscan style salami, pumpkin pie and three different flavors of ice cream including vegan ice cream! It was a lovely way to wrap up a job well done by all in this weight loss challenge. Congratulations to all who participated!

Food wrap up

A portion of the food spread following the concluding weigh in

Final Standings

  1. Clara 11.6 lbs – 10.02%
  2. Nhan 15.2 lbs – 9.37%
  3. Chee 12.8 lbs – 6.17%
  4. Mario 11.2 lbs – 5.83%
  5. Yao 10.3 lbs – 5.02%
  6. Horvath 6.7 lbs – 2.71%
  7. Juan 3.6 lbs – 1.69%

71.4 lbs Total Weight Lost

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