As the 2021 summer winds down, it's time to say farewell to our interns

We have had such a wonderful summer with the 2021 interns in our offices, and we appreciate all of the hard work that they contributed to BC. This year we had nine interns who are local to the Northern Virginia area. Each intern worked in the project of their choice and was paired with other interns to form teams based on their strengths. Over the course of the summer the interns gained real-world work experience by working closely with BC leadership. They participated in special projects, presented their findings and voiced their thoughts and ideas; resulting in real solutions that will continue to grow within the company. The day to day situations they engaged in were real and gave them a working opportunity to engage in cybersecurity experience as well as problem-solving and crisis management. Last week, we organized a game day event/farewell party where the interns enjoyed delicious food and pastries. Today, all interns gave their final presentation to showcase all the hard work they put in during their stay and they did not disappoint.

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We are hopeful that their experience at BC has given them practical experience that they will use for years to come; and we wish them the best as they embark on their separate journeys to peruse their goals in the future. They will be missed, but we hope to connect again with them in the future.

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