A Very Vietnamese Treat!

The Blue Cloak team welcomed a special delivery today in the office, homemade pho! We enjoyed a spicy pho with assorted grilled meats, chive dumplings, vegan tom yum soup, vegan spring rolls, a sweet mango salsa and lemongrass chicken satay! The pho had a wonderful mild spice to the broth, all the noodles you could ask for, freshly chopped cilantro, jalapenos, basil, limes, scallions and a trio of excellently seasoned meat. The tom yum soup featured tofu, bean curd and a medley of vegetables that were to die for. There was more food than we were able to finish, which is always a positive. We were all very appreciative of the gesture that came from our very own Thuy’s sister. What was great about the entire event (aside from how delicious the meal was) was that we watched everything being made right before our eyes. The noodles were submerged in boiling water while we chose how much meat we wanted in our bowl. Thuy was very gracious in preparing every dish for us before finally serving herself. What an excellent way to get the team together in the afternoon. We send all of our thanks to Thuy and her sister!

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