2019 Internship Program Update

We’re already halfway through the 2019 Blue Cloak Internship! It feels like just last week we opened the doors and now we’re already over 50% complete. We had a chance to sit down and catch up with them this week and see what they thought of the program so far.

As previously mentioned we have 3 interns this year, Ankit Gupta, Ayush Hariharan and Trisha Pal. For Ankit, this is already his third internship! For both Ayush and Trisha, this is their first foray into an internship program and the business world. Whether they have the previous experience or not though, they have each conducted themselves with professionalism, promptness and dignity.

While all three each have their own personal tasks they’ve been working on, collaboratively Ankit, Ayush and Trisha have been focused on Machine Learning. When I asked what projects that they’ve been working on, all three perked their heads up declaring, “ML!” What is even more impressive is that they have been able to turn what they’ve learned into a research paper. They explained that it’s “fun” to put it into a research paper so that way they can have documentation of what they’ve accomplished during their time as well as mentioning that they can use it for future iterations of the internship program as a guide of what certain tasks that have been completed in the past! If you’re interested in reading up on what they’ve done here’s a link.

When asked what their thoughts of the program have been so far it became clear that it was a resounding positive answer. Ankit was explaining how the environment here at Blue Cloak is “different.” He went on to say how we “are friendlier than other places I’ve been to. So you get to collaborate with a lot of people.” Both Trish and Ayush were a little unsure of what to expect coming in to this, but have really opened up since being here. All three agreed that they had very minimal cybersecurity knowledge coming into the program and even less hands on experience, explaining that they had gone over theoretical information in school but never had an opportunity to use devices. That was one of the big reasons why they have enjoyed Blue Cloak’s approach of not being micro-managers. Upon finding a problem they simply get to research and solve it for themselves rather than go to a boss and be shown step by step how to do it. Trisha, Ankit and Ayush liked that option and agreed you can learn more when solving problems for yourself rather than. Ayush mentioned that it’s much more open and goal oriented here at Blue Cloak, rather than school where you’re simply required to regurgitate information.

They have also seen the business side of the real world, having to clock in and out for the first time ever. Ayush specifically said it’s “mentally straining much more than school where you can coast.” Welcome to the real world guys, it’s great to have you aboard!

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