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Blue Cloak is a leader in the design, integration, implementation, and provision of cutting-edge Cyber Ranges to create real-world scenarios that can be used to simulate real environments. The Cyber Range can serve as a “safe” environment where Blue Cloak’s partners can test and demonstrate technologies to their customers. This then allows them to further accelerate their opportunities and stay ahead of the curve – using the best approaches, solutions, and advanced techniques available to address their customers’ cybersecurity challenges.

Blue Cloak can offer our partners’ customers a broad mix of Cyber Range solutions and services. By partnering with Blue Cloak, your customers can enjoy a variety of environments to simulate any type of network. Our Network Builder solutions will make the creation of these environments simple and seamless.

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Benefits of the Cyber Range

Safe and Isolated Environment

The Cyber Range will allow your employees and customers to experience real-world environments in a controlled space. Each environment offers customizable parameters and allows users to make quick, multiple changes as needed.

Validation of Proof of Concept Applications

Software developers can use the Cyber Range to test and validate all sorts of applications, virtual of physical. The unlimited testing possibilities make our Cyber Range the perfect platform to perform Independent Verification &. Validation (IV&V) exercises.

Deployable Training Environments

Using predefined templates, our Cyber Range training environments can be deployed quickly and are accessible worldwide. This flexibility makes it easy to train and prepare your employees to meet any immediate cyber challenges they may face.

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